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6 Reasons To Choose An Independent Agent

By March 19, 2020Insurance

Picture this: you just got in a fender bender and you need to call your agent. Do you want to speak to a call center in Kansas, or do you want to speak to an agent in your own neighborhood? Our independent agents are local experts that you can trust! Here are seven reasons why dealing with an independent insurance agent is the best way to get your insurance arrangements under control.

We’re Local 

We’re not computers, we are real, live members of your community who believe you deserve more than 15 minutes of our time, and we’re committed to being your advocate in times of need. When you work with Kaplansky Insurance, you deal with people you know – and people who know you.

Personal Shoppers

Working with an independent insurance agent can be compared to having a personal shopper. Similar to the way in which a real estate agent sorts through properties to help you find your ideal home, an insurance agent reviews many different insurance companies’ rates and coverage options to help you secure policies that best suit your needs.

You may believe that this comes at an additional cost to you, but independent agents do not add extra charges to insurance companies’ rates. So you can choose to work with an independent agent, who will handle your coverage needs, assist you with claims reporting and answer any questions you may have, from billing issues to coverage concerns, always advocating on your behalf, at no additional cost to you.

More Choice

You wouldn’t go to an ice cream shop that only sells one flavor. So why buy your insurance that way? At Kaplansky Insurance, we believe in the power of choice, which is why we work with the top-rated regional and national insurance companies making it easier for you to save time and money. Who doesn’t want that?

Expert Advice

It’s a rare amateur who has a burning interest in insurance issues, and most people don’t have a great depth of knowledge about the subject.When you hire an agent, they will bring their expertise and experience to the table and can make sure you have exactly the right coverage for your needs. With a reputable agent, you run no risk of being underinsured or paying for policies which don’t fit your situation.


Independent agents will handle communications with the insurance company, both when setting up a policy and when making a claim. You won’t be left in the dark by dealing with a huge, faceless corporation.The agent will also know how to explain sometimes complicated insurance topics in a way non-experts can fully understand. You won’t make a bad decision because you’re blinded by confusing insurance jargon.

An Ongoing Service

Lastly, arranging insurance isn’t a one-off process. To make sure you always get the best value, you need to review your policies and circumstances every year or so. Doing this yourself can be intimidating and off-putting, but an insurance agent will take this in their stride. You’ll always have the best deals available rather than letting your insurance coverage drift.

Insurance isn’t the most thrilling of topics, but it’s important for your financial stability to get it right. An agent will take all the routine and drudgery out of your hands while arranging the coverage you need at the lowest prices available.

Not sure how to find a Kaplansky agent near you? We can help! Click here to find an office in your neighborhood.