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If you have a policy that is “Agency Bill”, click the PayNow button below to pay online via credit card or ACH.

ePayPolicy FAQs

Who can make payments via ePayPolicy

If you have received an invoice from us, that states payment is to be made payable to Kaplansky Insurance  and not your insurance company, you can use ePayPolicy. Direct bill clients must makes payments directly to their insurance company, most carriers have online payment options.

How do I get started using ePay?

To submit a payment using ePay, simply click ‘pay now with ePayPolicy’

How do I know when a payment has been made?

The moment a payment is made, an e-receipt is sent to all parties (the payer and anyone in your organization that subscribes to the e-receipts). The payment is also reflected in the dashboard in real time.

What are the processing fees for credit card and ACH transactions?

The processing fee is 3.5% for all credit card transactions including VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. ACH transactions of any size are processed at a flat $4 fee.

Is my payment safe and secure?

Yes, and security is very important to us. ePayPolicy is rated PCI DSS Level 1 by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. This is the highest level of compliance which means they are required to have annual on-site audits for compliance.

Can I make recurring payments?

Unfortunately no. Because of the secure encryption method ePayPolicy uses, data is not stored. Once a payment is made, the information is discarded.

Why do I need to provide so much information?

Personal information is needed so that we can accurately identify you and make sure your payment is processed in a timely manner.

DISCLAIMER: ePay is only for invoices payable to Kaplansky Insurance