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4 Insanely Easy and Afforable DIY Projects To Boost Your Home's Value

By May 12, 2017December 7th, 2018Insurance

Some home improvement projects take a long time and cost a great deal of money. Remodeling the kitchen or installing a new sunken tub in the bathroom could set you back thousands of dollars and disrupt your family’s lifestyle for months, so you need to make sure you have the time and money to see the project through.Other home improvement projects are much simpler, and far less expensive.

If you have a free weekend, you can make your home look better and even increase its value. Here are four simple weekend home improvements that will soothe your DIY soul and make your property look better than ever.

Update the Hardware on Your Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing the kitchen cabinets is a major operation, but you can give your existing cabinets a new lease on life in just a weekend. If your cabinets are structurally sound but ascetically displeasing, replacing the old and outdated hardware can transform the look of your kitchen.

This is one DIY project that anyone can do. If you can work a screwdriver, you can replace the old door pulls and knobs on your kitchen cabinets with newer and more modern versions.

Install New Blinds and Window Coverings

Swapping out your old and outdated window coverings is another simple DIY home improvement that will take less than a weekend. Whether you do a single room or the whole house, you will be surprised at the difference a set of new blinds or curtains can make.

Adding new curtains to your home could not be simpler. Just choose your colors, install the curtain rods and put them in place. Adding new blinds is nearly as easy, and well within the capabilities of most homeowners.

Give Your Backsplash a Makeover

If you crave a new kitchen but not the hassle and expense of a full makeover, why not start with a new backsplash? Adding a new backsplash to your kitchen is a great way to improve its looks and its utility.

You can choose from a variety of backsplash materials, from stylish metal to durable tile. Best of all, adding a new backsplash or replacing an old one is a true DIY project, one you can finish in less than a weekend’s time.

Add Drama To Your Home with Uplighting

From the artwork in the hallway to the cabinets in your kitchen, uplighting can create beauty and drama. Adding these unique light sources will not set you back much money, and this simple DIY project will not take much of your time either.

Whether you install corded LED lights or go cordless, you can add beauty and drama to every room in your home and still have plenty of time left to enjoy your favorite weekend activities. When you are done, your home will look better than ever, and you can step back and admire your work.

No matter where you live or what kind of home you own, strategic DIY improvements can make your property more valuable. If you know where to concentrate your efforts, you can enhance the value of your home in less than a weekend, and now is the perfect time to get started.