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4 Reasons to Give Pet Insurance Some Serious Thought

By January 10, 2017December 7th, 2018Insurance

Amid the joy and excitement of welcoming a new pet to the household, one consideration may be far down your list of priorities. Insurance isn’t the most exciting of topics, and caring for a pet can be an expensive business as it is, so it’s no wonder that many people don’t give much, if any, thought to taking out a pet insurance policy. However, here are four very good reasons why this isn’t something to overlook, even while your pet is young and healthy.

The Age Factor

It stands to reason that as a pet ages, it’s more likely to need expensive medical attention. However, insurance companies are obviously well aware of this, and the older your pet the more difficult it is to arrange cover at an acceptable price. Add to this the fact that pre-existing conditions are unlikely to be covered by any policy, and it makes sense to take out insurance sooner rather than later to ensure your pet can be adequately covered. It may cost you while your pet is young enough to need no treatment, but this can be considered an investment that will be repaid in later years.

Veterinary Costs Are Greater Than You Think

The costs involved in treating your pet after a mishap can be considerable. A road accident or encounter with a wild animal can mean X-rays, surgery, medication, and accommodation during recovery. This can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Paying such an amount at short notice is difficult even if you can spare it, but if you can’t, you may have to consider the heartbreaking possibility of having your pet euthanized. A basic pet insurance policy can be had for only a few dollars a month – a price well worth paying for any pet owner.

Public Liability

If you have a dog or other larger animal, public liability is an important point to consider. If your pet is responsible for injury to a person, or damage to property, then you’re liable for costs and compensation – and this can be extremely expensive, especially in today’s litigious society. Whether or not you feel your pet was at fault, you could be on the hook for crippling legal fees even before the possibilities of guilt or damages are determined. Most pet insurance policies contain a sizable amount of public liability coverage. You’ll very likely never need to call on it, but it will be invaluable if you do.

Your Own Health

Lastly, if you need to be hospitalized for whatever reason, hopefully you’ll have sufficient medical insurance in place to cover your medical costs. But what about your pets? Kennel or cattery fees can soon add up, something you won’t want to have to worry about during your own recovery from sickness. Pet insurance will normally include cover for emergency accommodation in such situations.

In a busy life with untold bills to pay, pet insurance might not seem a priority – indeed, it might not have crossed your mind at all. However, if you find yourself in a position where you need to call on it, it could save you plenty of money – and it could even be a lifesaver.

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