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5 Easy Ways For Your Small Business To Draw More Millennials

By December 29, 2016December 7th, 2018Insurance

Brand loyalty may not be everything, but it certainly ranks high on the things your small business needs to inspire. People don’t think about companies, not exactly. They think about the brand, and if your small business can’t control what they think about you, you’ll be truly successful. The problem is millennials tend to be suspicious of advertisements and are less focused on your product and more about them. You have to approach them differently if you want to inspire brand loyalty.

1.Look Into Your Own Past

While there are some critical differences between generations, young adults are for the most part the same. They want to accomplish things, have an impact on the world around them, and be important. Think about how you wanted to get those things when you were young. Millennials are looking for the same things, though how they get them may differ immensely. Compare your experience to theirs and see what you can discover.

2.Embrace Their Culture

You are the product of your surroundings. There’s more to you than that, but think about the references you make and the words you use. It’s likely that you grew up with those references. To inspire brand loyalty in millennials, you must know and understand what influences their thoughts. This is everything from the movies they watch, to what news networks they frequent. Once you figure that out, you’ll have a greater understanding and appreciation for the way they think.

3. Produce Quality Consistently

While reaching out to your audience is important, nothing can really replace a good product and great customer service. Keeping their attention is just as important as getting it, and there’s nothing like quality to keep them fixated on your brand. The moment quality drops, they’ll look for something else to fill their needs.

4. Go to Them

Millennials have their own habits and preferences. For example, many millennials have opted out of television and get their entertainment through online services such as YouTube and Netflix. Social media is how they interact with others their age, so if you want to inspire brand loyalty that’s where you’ll have to be. You can’t just sit on one network either – you have to follow the latest trends to succeed.

5. Assume Nothing

There is no doubt that people as a whole are more informed than they were before. Millennials, who are often tethered to information via the Internet, consume information on a wide scale. You can’t influence how and what they think, simply because they have the power to verify and oppose anything you say. Instead of trying to control them, opt to understand them.

You can’t brute force marketing when you’re a small business – you simply do not have the influence or resources to do so. You’ll have to compete on a different field. Larger companies have practices and habits due to their size. A small business doesn’t not have that problem. Use your flexibility and size to inspire brand loyalty in millennials.