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Cheat the Heat: 7 Simple Ways to Prep Your Home for the Summer

By June 8, 2017December 7th, 2018Insurance

When the year’s hottest months are in full swing, you won’t want to be caught scrambling to prep your home against the heat. With daylight lasting longer, take advantage of the extra time to arrange your home into a cool, welcoming refuge.

Keep the following tips in mind as you arm your home to against the sun’s invasive rays:

Air conditioning maintenance

Rather than risking your comfort and peace of mind,be sure to schedule a maintenance check for your AC unit ahead of time – you wouldn’t want it to break down as soon as you reach seasonal highs! Furthermore, AC companies will be swamped with such requests from customers with less foresight, and you wouldn’t want your call to be lost amidst the logs of an overtaxed maintenance worker.  Additionally, the summer is a good time to change out your AC’s filter, as a well-used filter can impede airflow, and therefore cause your energy bill to rise as your AC begins to struggle.


If your thermostat is not already programmable, consider buying one that can be programmed so your AC only kicks on when someone is home. Why pay to cool your house when no one’s around?

Ceiling fan 

Change your fan’s settings so that its blades revolve in a counterclockwise direction, as this will allow for better circulation of cool air. Also, if you haven’t turned on your fans in a while, ensure that you dust the blades, as you wouldn’t want to subject yourself and your family to a shower of dirt particles.

Dryer vents 

As dryer vents can clog from excess lint, this can cause the release of excess heat into your laundry room (and the rest of your home), so be vigilant about cleaning your dryer’s filters.

Smoke detectors

 As the heat rises, your home is at an increased risk of fire, so allow yourself a few moments to check that your smoke detectors are in perfect working order.

Drapes, curtains, and blinds 

Update your windows, especially those that receive the most direct sun exposure, with some dark-colored window dressings. Black reflects heat, so this will help cut down on your energy costs.

Your bed

Consider investing in a cooling mattress pad topper for the summer months. There are a variety of types, including full-sized pads that are fan cooled or specially constructed of cooling materials, and smaller, portable designs composed of gel that can be placed in the fridge.

Rather than leaving yourself overwhelmed – and sweaty – from failing to arrange your home for the heat, start prepping in the spring so you can save yourself some time, money, and even the well-being of your family. With these tips, you won’t need to boil in the coming heat waves, but confidently ride them through the end of the season.