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Keep Your Home Warm This Winter, Without Breaking The Bank

By November 16, 2018July 2nd, 2019Insurance

Baby, it’s cold outside! We can all agree that New England winter can be rough and staying warm, conserving energy, and saving money is on every homeowner’s mind as the colder weather approaches. You may not have the money to make major alterations to your home, such as installing replacement windows or replacing appliances with energy efficient models, but there are some inexpensive methods that can drastically reduce your winter utility bills.

Life can be sweeter with that portable heater

Used excessively, portable heaters can be expensive. However if you often find yourself mainly inhabiting just one room in the house (maybe your lounge and then your bedroom) rather than using the central heating to heat your entire home you could just warm the one you’re in. This way a portable heater can save you a lot of money and as it’s portable you only need one. Just watch out for the chilly treks to the bathroom!

Change Air Filters Monthly 

Your heating and cooling system will work more efficiently with clean air filters. Dirty and clogged filters cause damage to your system and result in the need to replace it prematurely.

Let there be light

We often think of the winter as being nothing but snow and gloom but the sun does come out, honest. When it does, make sure you open up those insulating curtains of yours and let the rays in. Not only will it brighten things up a bit but the sunlight will warm up the house too.

Leave the Oven Open

This is one of those ridiculously simple tips: if you don’t have young children or pets that could be put at risk, consider leaving your oven open a crack as it cools down the next time you cook a meal. If you’re already spending the money to pay for the energy to use the oven, don’t trap the heat inside it when you’re done. Open it up and let it warm up the kitchen.

Go old school

If all else fails cosying up under a mound of blankets with a loved one never goes amiss! As does a hot mug of cocoa (with a cheeky touch of Bailey’s to keep you extra warm) whilst warming up your hands and fingers too.

Winters will be cold, but inside your home can be comfortably warm. Follow these 9 tips to enjoy a warmer dwelling when cold weather is knocking on your door. You and your family can be cozy and save energy at the same time.