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Massachusetts Renter’s Insurance: Why It’s A MUST This Holiday Season

By December 4, 2017July 26th, 2019Insurance

The holiday season is upon us, and while you might be decorating your apartment door with boughs of holly, you should also be arranging for something else: to get covered with renters insurance. Here’s why…

Fa La La La  Fire Damage

While nothing takes the chill off the winter holiday quite like the light an heat a fire on your hearth. Between the fireplace, space heater, candles, your tree and all the lights you spent hours untangling.  The reality is, any one of these things can cause a seasonal fire that can destroy or damage your home, including all of the presents inside.

Your renter’s insurance is designed to protect you against losses incurred due to an unfortunate incident with your holiday decorations.  Be sure to take precautions as well to make sure that your holiday display is set up safely.

Thieves Aren’t Just In The ‘Home Alone’ Movie

Those Amazon boxes on your doorstep that your so excited about? Thieves are too.  Did you know that there is nearly a 10% rise in theft during the Christmas season? The good news is, your renter’s whether your gifts are stolen from your car or your rental unit, your renter’s policy should cover the cost to replace them. You just need to have coverage for personal property included in your renter’s policy. Don’t give the bad guys a holiday bonus.

Avoid Clark Griswold- like Disasters

The holiday season is filled with snow, ice rain, and extension cords… all of which present more than their fair shares of hazards for slipping, tripping and falling during the holidays.If someone is injured in a fall on your property, you may find yourself liable for their medical, legal, and other expenses, which can put a real crimp in your holiday budget. The good news is, renters insurance will most likely cover liability in the event a guest gets injured in your home.

The bottom line is, if you don’t have renters’ insurance, getting covered is easy and affordable. The average cost of a renters insurance policy is only $15 to $30 per month, and the peace of mind during a stressful holiday season is priceless. Learn more and  Request a free no obligation quote here.