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New Year's Eve:Tips for a Safe and Healthy Holiday

By December 20, 2016December 7th, 2018Insurance

New Year’s Eve parties are a tradition for most people. Spending a fun evening with friends and celebrating the beginning of a new year usually involves food and alcoholic beverages. Drinking can quickly get out of hand as the night wears on, so steps should be taken to ensure a safe celebration for you and your friends.

When You Host the Party
Keep everyone safe who attends your party with the following tips:

1. Collect everyone’s car keys at the door, and put them in a room you can lock. Let guests know in advance they will have to take a cab home if they drink too much. Allow them the option to bring a designated driver who doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages.

2. Appoint one person to monitor your guests’ drinking and alert you if someone is acting drunk or obnoxious.

3. Have plenty of hot coffee to offer anyone who has had too much to drink, and cut them off from any more alcohol. If he or she complains, send them home in a cab or with a sober driver.

4. Provide plenty of food and alternative beverages. People who are eating tend to drink less alcohol. To reduce food costs, ask everyone to bring a dish.

5. Have extra pillows and blankets available in case there is no way to get someone home safely. Letting him or her sleep on your couch is better than risking an accident by letting them drive home.

When You Go to a Party
Use caution when attending a party at someone’s home. Let these tips be your guide:

1. One person in your group should be a designated driver and have no alcohol to drink.

2. Pace yourself and know your limits. Have a glass of water or a cup of coffee in between drinks.

3. If you are at a party where you don’t know a lot of the guests, don’t accept drinks offered to you. Serve yourself to prevent ingesting a spiked or altered drink.

When You Go to a Restaurant or Bar
Use these tips to stay safe when you are partying in an unknown environment:

1. Stay with your group, because there are always predators on the hunt. Criminals know it is easy to steal from people who are tipsy. Don’t become a target by paying with cash. Men should not keep their wallets in an easy-to-access pocket, and women should avoid carrying a purse.

2. Follow all the tips provided for going to a party. Notify the management immediately if you suspect someone is tampering with drinks.

3. Being on the road is always dangerous on New Year’s Eve, even with a designated driver. Consider leaving the event right after midnight and finish celebrating at home.

Do whatever is necessary to keep yourself, friends, and guests safe as you ring in the new year. Follow these tips, be alert to road conditions in cold climates, and have a fun and safe 2017.