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Swing into Spring: 4 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home For Spring

By March 3, 2017December 7th, 2018Insurance

Spring is right around the corner, but while you are thinking of spending days out in the sun, this is also a great time to do some renovation for your home. To protect your home’s¬†value¬†especially if you are planning to put it on the market, you should start tackling spring cleaning as early as now. … you will be able to protect your investment and keep your home in tip-top shape.

Tackle Any Draining Issues

When renovating, the first thing on your mind is water. Some landscaping studies have shown that homeowners list drainage issues as one of the most important items on their renovation to-do list. The season after winter reveals where excess water pools can be found around your home. Tackle these drainage concerns as early as possible. Taking care of this problem will also help prevent erosion and mold issues from affecting your home.

Fix A Leaking Roof

The winter season also makes roofs susceptible to leaks. Many homeowners patch or tarp up their roofs as a temporary measure, but there are permanent solutions available. While the top of your home may not get as much attention as the living room or kitchen, the upgrades are necessary. Leaks and maintenance repairs should be a top priority. When allowed to persist, leaks can create additional problems such as pests and mold. Repairing those problems can cost even more than a leak fix.

Refresh Your Entry Or Mudroom

Winter also creates conditions for snow, road salt, and mud to enter your home. Once the warmer season arrives, ensure those walls, floors, and doors are properly cleaned to prevent subsequent, long-term damage. Debris from the cold season can also clog up gutters. Check the gutters that may have pulled away from your house, this can prevent water from running towards your home. With too much standing water and moisture around your home, your home may attract pests such as termites. Standing water also creates molds and cracks in driveways, creating tripping hazards.

Update Paths And Your Driveway

A hose or pressure washer can be used to clean your siding and clear away salt and mud. The freezing conditions may also lead to cracks in pathways around your home. Update your walkways and driveways when you do your landscaping projects.


Spring is the first opportunity you have to deal with problems and get many needed renovation projects done. By getting things done earlier, you have more time to enjoy Spring with your home and its value in great condition.