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Why should ALWAYS choose an Independent Agent

By January 19, 2017December 7th, 2018Insurance

By Katie Dietzel, Personal Lines Account Manager, Needham Branch      

At Kaplansky Insurance, we understand that not all insurance agents are the same. Choosing the right one can make a big difference -in price, service, and value. Katie Dietzel, Personal Lines Account Manger from our Needham Branch shares how an independent agent can benefit you:

We provide you with choice.  

In this day and age, it’s all about choices and options. This is where the value of an independent agent comes to light. Giving our clients great insurance options, shopping on their behalf for the best value and backing it all up with superior service is what sets Kaplansky apart. We provide you with options from multiple insurance companies. With one call or visit, you have instant access to multiple lines of coverage including auto, home, business, life and benefits.

We understand insurance can be complicated.

Insurance is a complicated subject. It our business to understand it, and communicate it to you so you understand it as well. There are hundreds of definitions, terms, exclusions and provisions involved in many insurance policies. Some products have similar names, but do completely different things.  Understanding and comparing the details can be frustrating and time-consuming. An insurance agent will be able to explain these things in a simple manner and answer any questions you may have.

We are your neighbors.

As your local agents, we know your community, and that knowledge will help you assess your risks. As a local resident, who has lived in this area for years, I have used my knowledge of the community to reduce my client’s risks and protect their assets. For instance, would an insurance company in the South be as familiar with New England’s high water tables in the spring that increase flood risks? If not, this provider may not be as likely to recommend basement water coverage, which is typically not included in a standard policy.

We are your personal advisers.

Working with my clients face-to-face, I become your personal adviser, taking the time to listen to you and understand your individual needs. I know it’s not just about finding a price you can afford; it’s also about making certain you are appropriately covered in the event you suffer a loss. Above all, my job is to offer you unbiased advice that is actually responsive to what you need.

If you were once in the insurance industry you may still want to go through an agent. Things are constantly changing in the insurance industry. New regulations are being put in place, new services are being introduced and companies make their own internal changes. Having someone on the inside will always bring you benefits. Even with the knowledge and insights you already have insurance agents can provide you with internal tools that will make your insurance experience a better one.

We provide protection & peace of mind. 

Working with an independent insurance agent will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that when you save money on your insurance, it won’t come at the expense of comprehensive coverage.

Although the internet provides a vast amount of information, it does not know everything. Everyone has different needs. Although you may think you know what product best fits your needs, it may be worthwhile to speak to an insurance agent. It may be the beginning of a wonderful business relationship or friendship.

There is a difference. To find out how our independent insurance agency can help you find the right insurance coverage, contact us today.


 Kaplansky Insurance is pleased to share this material with its customers.  Please note, however, that nothing in this document should be construed as legal advice or the provision of professional consulting services.  This material is for general informational purposes only, and while reasonable care has been utilized in compiling this information, no warranty or representation is made as to accuracy or completeness.