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7 Simple Tips To Protect Your Pet This Winter

By December 30, 2017December 7th, 2018Insurance

Winter doesn’t just affect you – it also affects our favorite four legged friends. It’s up to you to help keep your pets safe and comfortable during this dangerous season of the year. Here are a few tips to ensure the well-being of these special members of your family.

Protect Those Paws

Your pet’s legs, tail and ears are most susceptible to frostbite. While you may not be able to do too much for the tail and ears – besides keeping your walks short or walking during daylight hours – booties will provide some warmth to your furry friend’s paws.

Feed Your Pet (A Little Extra)

During the winter months, your dog burns extra energy as he pushes through all the ice and snow. As a result, he’ll need to consume a few extra calories to stay healthy. Be sure to give a little extra helping (or two) of food once in a while.

Beware Of Antifreeze

If you aren’t paying attention, thirsty and curious pets will lap up Antifreeze. Antifreeze is extremely poisonous, even in the smallest quantities. Make sure to steer clear of both antifreeze and windshield washer puddles while walking your pooch.

Provide Shelter

During the cold weather, your pets should be in a sheltered area to keep them warm. Even if your pets are used to living outside, they might want to have a warm place during severe cold dips in the temperature. Make sure that you provide a comfortable pet enclosure or create a space in the garage that is free of drafts if you cannot allow your pets to come inside of your home for some reason. Add straw for your pet to sleep on and cover the opening to this area with a heavy cloth or sheet of plastic to restrict cold air from getting inside of it.

Keep an Eye on That Water Bowl

Water often freezes when the temperatures become low enough. Keep a constant eye on your pet’s drinking water to ensure it hasn’t frozen.

Keep Cats Far Away From Your Car

Cats love warmth, so after you park the car, the heat from the engine can entice even the wariest of felines. Once under the hood, your cat could be seriously hurt the next time you start your engine. Keep Fluffy inside, and bang on the hood and honk your horn before starting your engine.

Pack an Emergency ‘Go Bag’

If you live in an area where winter storms often cause you to relocate temporarily due to power outages, it is important to have a pre-packed bag for your pets. It should include items such as food, medicine, toys, and comfort items.

Remember if it’s too cold for you outside, it’s too cold for your pet!

The winter can be dangerous for pets. All it takes is a few extra steps to safeguard your pet’s well-being during these cold winter months.